The website for Obsolete & Discontinued looks to the past

Our website for the innovative project Obsolete & Discontinued showcases the unique qualities and potential of analogue photography.

Sometimes looking to the past can directly influence your future. This was the case for the London-based photographer and specialist photographic printer Mike Crawford, who was given a quantity of outdated photographic paper and film in March 2015. These belonged to the London artist and teacher Bret Sampson and were found by his nephew David Yates when he was clearing out his uncle’s darkroom, five years after his death.

But Mike wondered what he could with this historical material. He then came up with the idea to contact the photographic community and challenge 60 photographers to produce a new piece of work using these materials. The result is Obsolete & Discontinued for which Grey Swan was asked to design a website to tie-in with the project’s October 2018 London exhibition.


Collaborating closely with Mike, we created a simple but elegant site in which the gallery section beautifully showcases the photographers’ new work. As Mike Crawford says about Bret Sampson and the project itself on the Obsolete website:

‘It is sincerely hoped he would have approved of the new work created and the inspiration provided by the paper he left behind.’