For super treats for your favourite pet, head to My Dog Bites

Grey Swan has created the website for new, online business My Dog Bites – a nutritious doggy snack for your favourite pet.

Woof! We loved the idea for new, online business My Dog Bites – snacks for your dog that are not only healthy and nutritious but also make a great sound when rattled in your pocket. Walkies have never been so much fun! And we were delighted to be asked to collaborate with the company’s founder (and director of innovative graphics firm Positive Design Works) in creating an equally fun and easy-to-use website.

Shake, Rattle & Stroll!

With the website, it was important to not only tell the story of how My Dog Bites came into being but also illustrate just how useful these doggy treats can be…

‘Walkies is the perfect time to strengthen your bond with your dog and giving the occasional reward for good behaviour certainly makes your pooch happy! Studies show that feeding your dog before a walk is not a good idea as it can cause stomach problems, so a bit of love and a tiny nutritious treat is a suitable way to boost energy and have a happy, engaged dog on long walks.

My Dog Bites also act as a wonderful training tool when teaching your puppy to walk off-the-lead, to not pull whilst on-the-lead or to return when called. ShakeMe! – a shake of the My Dog Bites tin is an excellent training tool to promote good behaviour.’

And of course, as it’s an online business, the e-commerce aspect of the site had to function smoothly and easily – for both customers and the admin users. This has been one of the most enjoyable websites to build so far this year and we wish My Dog Bites all the very best success going forward.