Improve your wellbeing with coaching website CJL Life

CJL Life is a new coaching website that helps and supports you to improve your wellbeing and Grey Swan created it for its founder Carole Jessica Langran.  

It’s always great to be recommended. And that’s how Grey Swan was put in contact with one of their latest clients Carole Jessica Langran, a life coach. Carole was in the midst of launching her new business CJL Life and she needed a website. But Carole was looking for something a little different than the majority of life coaching sites out there. She wanted a website that would inspire people to contact her and provide information in an uncluttered and straightforward way.

So, we rose to the challenge, worked closely with Carole and created a website that’s colourful, engaging and informative. And Carole is extremely pleased:

The site is just what I hoped for, it’s fab.

Work-Life Balance, Confidence, Assertiveness: the path to your desired lifestyle

These are just three areas in which CJL Life could help you. As one of Carole’s happy clients says: “It feels great to take on new challenges knowing that ‘I can do this!’” We heartily agree and have picked up some very useful tips too about work-life balance that we’ve applied in our day-to-day lives at Grey Swan. Contact Carole and your life could be transformed too!